The Zombie apocalypse is well on it’s way to the Steam platform, that’s right, Frank West and all of his hack-n-slash galore is coming to PC, aside from the current Windows 10 release. ┬áDead Rising 4 was originally a Xbox Play Anywhere title, meaning if you so desired, upon purchasing either version of the title, you would have been able to install either the Xbox One version or the Windows 10 PC version, no matter which version of the title you own. Unfortunately, this feature was canned for Dead Rising 4, meaning Xbox One buyers are not able to gain a free Windows 10 download of the game.

In case you aren’t on Windows 10, or are overall just not fond of being restricted to the Xbox Live platform on Windows 10; you’ll likely be happy to know that you’ll be able to soon pickup Dead Rising 4 on PC via Steam! This comes a surprise to many, as all of the Windows 10 PC titles, that have also launched on Xbox One, have not yet became available on the Steam platform, and likely won’t for sometime, Dead Rising 4 is a first! This is likely due to the Xbox Play Anywhere feature being cancelled for the title, however, we may never know for sure.

There’s no doubt though that the Steam platform has quite a large community, so you aren’t really missing out on much if you decide to go the Steam route for Dead Rising 4, as opposed to going the Windows Store route.


Dead Rising 4 arrives on Steam March 14th.