More Destiny goodness is on the way! As today Bungie revealed a few more details regarding what we can expect within their upcoming DLC expansion for the game, entitled, “House of Wolves”. It’s seems along with this update, PlayStation players are again, getting the better end of the deal as expected, however this time on a more solemn end.

If you’re a PlayStation user of Destiny, you will be receiving an additional Crucible map, only, this time around entitled “Timkeeper”. The map will be a close-quarters style battleground inside of a vex device within the mars. The other maps which will be included within the DLC, and available to all players, will be Black Shield, a medium-sized map which takes place on Phobos. Thieves’ Den, which will be an arena style map, taking place in the tunnels under Venus. And lastly Widow’s Court, which takes place on Earth’s European Dead Zone.

If you’re an Xbox user feeling a bit salty regarding the exclusive map for PlayStation players, worry not. The exclusivity deal is set to expire later on in the year, so expect a lot of past exclusive content to arrive on Xbox later down the road.

A lot more information regarding Destiny’s “House of Wolves” is still yet to be revealed, so keep your eyes peeled, here, for all the latest information.

Destiny: House of Wolves releases May 19th.