A few days back Phil Spencer made it known to Halo fans all around the globe via twitter that Halo news will be coming at E3, following it up confirming that 343i has a solid plan in place. He did not confirm whether or not this Halo news will in fact be Halo 5 or the recently rumored Halo 2 HD Remake. Ultimately I guess we’ll be finding out at E3 2014.

During E3 2013 a trailer featuring Master Chief was shown off, which lead many fans to believe that this was in fact “Halo 5”, however no official confirmation has come from Microsoft as of yet, regarding if this is in fact true or not. My personal guess would be, will be be receiving a Halo 2 HD Remake/ Anniversary Edition announcement this year, along with a release this year; along with a Halo 5 official announcement, but a 2015 release. Hold your breath, Halo Fans, only 3 months until E3.