Meet the Team

reaper Will Reaper: News/Review/Content Producer

I started gaming with Crash Bandicoot years ago… which I had a lot of practice with because it was the only game I had for a long time. Then eventually I moved into other systems thanks to my friends, mostly a lot of N64 and the big games back then. I eventually bought my own gameboy because Pokémon was brand new, it would be at least another decade before it became played out… and shortly after the gameboy color came out of course. What really opened up my love for video games was Lunar 2 Eternal Blue complete, one of the greatest RPG’s ever. It took me many months to beat but I only had an hour or so to play a week. Then for my birthday my mother randomly picked up a copy of Ape Escape and Suikoden from a Japanese pawn shop, both of which still switch to Japanese randomly. This started my desire to perfect every game long before trophies started. I have always been a Playstation guy but I did pick up a Sega 16 bit and later a Wii. My brothers and I have spent a lot of time arguing about who’s superior between Playstation, Xbox and PC (sorry no Nintendo) but since I’m the only one old enough to afford my own gear I guess I win. After college I worked for a AAA game company (it was my Paris trip), I won’t say which one but some of the projects I worked on shame me still anyways. I briefly taught game design to little kids among other things after that.

I’ve played every kind of game in my day and still have a fairly diverse collection. If I had to choose my favorite genre though it would have to be puzzle games in the line of Zelda or open world games. My first open world RPG was Suikoden and it was kind of  learning curve. I didn’t fully understand what I was doing at first and the internet was still a mad dream back then. So by the time I found the dragon I was almost to level 20. Again I enjoy playing almost anything but I don’t really specialize in anything specific so I don’t buy a lot of fighting games anymore. Some of my favorite games include Suikoden (number 4 wasn’t that bad), Lunar, Fallout, Zelda, Skyrim (not ESO) and Bioshock.


IMG_20150722_160813_resizedRyan Reece: News/Review Producer

I received my first console, an N64, in 1997 as a birthday present and I have never looked back. If it’s an RPG, I’m interested. I play PC and PS4. I’ll beat you in FIFA.
PSN: Ryguy5393

Twitter: @RyanReece8

WalrusJonah Wong: News Producer

A History in Gaming

A long, long time ago in the barren, frozen, tundra known as St. Paul, Minnesota.  A boy, recently having his 5 year old dreams shattered after being told by his parents that Santa doesn’t really exist, searched for new purpose in life.  How was he supposed to fill this imaginative void in his life? What was the purpose of living if he couldn’t believe in a large, fat man who supposedly moves so fast that he should spontaneously erupt into flames.  Then, when everything seemed lost, Jonah Wang received a GameBoy Color.  Soon after he had transformed into a huge nerd, playing hours upon hours of Pokemon, Fire Emblem, and the like.  His progression as a gamer only got worse after he discovered more powerful consoles such as the first generation Xbox and the PS2.  He continued to follow the console wars to the current gen, and somewhere along the way he encountered PC gaming as well.

Favorite Genres
You know, life is hard.  And you know what I like to do when I feel bad about myself?  Pretend that I’m someone else.  Ergo, RPGs R great.  I enjoy RPGs, both western and JRPGs because I feel like that they have a lot of depth that other genres typically don’t have.  I can enjoy an FPS, turn based strategy based games and RTS games, I’m really a sucker for good plot and good character development which are usually well done in Adventure RPGs and other sub-genres.  It is totally unrelated to how much I suck at multiplayer games, not related at all.

 IMG_1478 James Mahoney: Editorial/Review Producer
Student of English, Film and Media Studies at Saint Olaf College. I’ve been a connoisseur of Nintendo handhelds, Playstation 2, Xbox 360 and PC games since I was young. My focus on exp4all is editorials and reviews. You’ll see my series, Playing Rhetorically, talking about what games are trying to tell us outside of cutscenes and dialogue boxes. You can also find my reviews, rants, and blasts from the past as well.