During Nintendo’s first Direct that took place a few weeks ago, we were all surprised with the trailer, bearing news that a new Fire Emblem game was on the way for the Nintendo 3DS. Shocked that we would be getting an announcement regarding a new Fire Emblem game so soon, well prepare to be even more shocked because the game has been listed for a Summer 2015 release in Japan, as well as a suggested 2015 release for all regions outside of Japan. This information all comes from a previous Nintendo newsletter which was issued in Australia only. Hopefully the new Fire Emblem game will be in our hands soon, but for now, I’d be content with an official title for the game.

Also there was one game during the Direct in particular that was not touched on, this game being Mario Maker, which was originally scheduled to release during the 1st half of 2015, but now has been listed for a “2015 worldwide” release date. This isn’t to say that the game is certainly going to arrive later than it was originally scheduled, however odds are we will more than likely have the game in our hands towards the very end of Q2 2015. Let’s just hope they are adding in even more stage customization options, I’d be psyched if we could play in the same stage format as the Super Mario Land series of games were developed in.