As many of you probably know, the Nintendo Switch has recently been announced to be having a new “Animal Crossing” themed release, which is set to arrive on March 13th. This new themed version of the Nintendo Switch sports a different colored dock, for the first time ever, as well as a special “Animal Crossing” themed design on the back of the system itself.

While a special Animal Crossing themed system was absent for the ‘Nintendo Switch Lite’ line of systems, Nintendo has in fact recently came out and revealed a new color Switch Lite model, which may very well serve as an alternate option for AC fans looking to pick up a Switch Lite alongside the upcoming game!


While the new Switch Lite color isn’t exactly a themed design, this new color sort of acts as a more “gentle” and “laid back” color that I feel goes very well with the Animal Crossing vibe. It’s a beautiful color in and of itself, and makes the Switch Lite as a whole a lot more tempting of a device for me, personally.

The new Pink Coral Nintendo Switch Lite color is set to arrive in Japan on March 20th alongside New Horizons, and on April 3rd for the rest of the world! Pre-orders have already begun for the device at various retailers.