Despite it being June, a month known to be one of the largest, if not the biggest month for video game announcements throughout the duration of the year – things are coming a bit slow here in 2020, as due to the pandemic and the many shifts multiple industry’s had to make in their normal annual operations to ensure safety measures are in place. This of course has some with the cost of many large video game related festivals and events (such as E3 2020) being cancelled, and gamer’s sort of left out in the cold in terms of receiving announcements in an organized fashion – like what usually takes place at these events. Luckily, most companies have begun to find their way around this “new normal” we’ve all been forced to adapt to, and have been holding online events of their own, where these more larger announcements have been made.

Nintendo on the other hand has seemingly been the slowest one to adapt, however it seems we may begin to receive a sudden influx of news from them within the coming few weeks, starting with this week as new Pokemon related news seems to be on the way!

Recently Nintendo and The Pokemon Company social media outlets respectively announced that an upcoming special Pokemon broadcast entitled “Pokemon Presents!” will be taking place early tomorrow morning, Thursday June 17th, and will provide viewers with Pokemon “news”. It’s a bit vague, as not much else more was stated regarding what we might be seeing or hearing about during this broadcast, which sort of makes me assume that this may end up being a general Pokemon news related broadcast, covering a wide array of Pokemon related announcements from video games, to the trading cards, the anime, and maybe even merchandise!

It’s hard to say if Nintendo really has another Pokemon game up their sleeve to reveal so soon, with “Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX” only just releasing a couple months ago, and the first Pokemon Sword/Shield DLC of two releasing this week – it’s hard to imagine them revealing yet another game so soon, but I suppose we’ll just have to wait to find out!


The Pokemon Presents! broadcast will take place tomorrow morning at 6am PDT!