ReCore was teased at E3 2015 but after that just fell off the radar, something that is usually a bad sign. In a surprise appearance at E3 2016 though fans discovered not only is it still alive but is slotted for a September 2016 release date. Microsoft fans were also graced with gameplay and introduced to some of the robot companions. It’s almost too bad the game will be on Xbox and PC only. If the game doesn’t blow you away then maybe its heritage will. The creator, Keiji Inafune, was also one of the main people behind the Mega Man series. He is also the creator of the highly anticipated Mighty No. 9, a direct call back to Mega Man… but that may not be a good thing.


The player will be a young scavenger who must go through robot infested Far Eden in order to collect parts. Specifically the trailer shows her collecting cores which seem to make up all robots. While she has moves of her own she won’t have to go alone. Along for the ride is her group of trusted robot companions, including Mack the explorer dog-bot from last year’s teaser. Fans were also introduced to a spider bot who helps her climb up walls and be sneaky. Lastly the gorilla like powerhouse who punches things. It appears there are other bots but they weren’t introduced.


Primarily an action adventure game, most likely with some puzzle elements for the different bots, ReCore looks amazing. While a shooter it also has a lot of platforming, which is usually frowned upon in the 3D age. With double jumps and grappling hooks though it seems to work. Even combat seems to involve some level of platforming. There still isn’t a lot known about the game, especially when it is supposed to come out this year. Like why did robots go crazy? How did the world end? Who’s actually left? Why are all the robots held together by glowing orbs?! For only 40$ and the possibility of getting it on PC and Xbox (I may get one someday) it may be well worth it.