Ubisofts The Division is a highly anticipated title among many, and has been recently hyped to be the “Destiny killer” among it’s fans. While the title has been delayed a little bit, players are still anxiously waiting to hear news regarding when the beta period will kick off.

Well, recently, a user over on Reddit had a online chat with an employee of FunStock digital, who stated “The closed beta starts on January 29th. We will be receiving and distributing the keys in the next 2 weeks before the beta begins“.

FunStock Digital is responsible for distributing Steam Keys, Origin Keys, Uplay Keys, and more.

As of now, your only shot to get into the, The Division beta, is by receipting an invite. Singing up over on the official website will get you all registered to get one, if you are chosen.

If you’re not a whole fan of the Random game however, you also have the option to purchase this weeks humble bundle, which also includes a beta key for the game. You must pay more than the $9.78 minimum, however, in order to ge tthe key.

Ubisoft’s The Division will be launching on PC, PS4 and Xbox One on March 8th.