Rumors over on neogaf have been stirring from a user by the name of┬áKT$2448 regarding a listing over on Nintendo’s site which showcases a special silver and gold versions of the Mario Party 10 Mario Amiibo. Shortly after being discovered, the page was taken down, so we have no solid proof now as to if these are actually in the works or not. Odds are, these could be released as extremely rare Amiibo (like there aren’t rare enough Amiibo already) or as a sort of special edition Mario Party 10 bundle, we really just don’t know yet. A more likely possibility would be having them as the final physical rewards for gold and platinum Club Nintendo members. It would be very fitting, no?

Regardless of this, Wave 3 has just released, and as predicted, they are selling out like hotcakes, with several characters now becoming extremely rare to get a hold of, and now being re-sold online for outrageous prices. If these special edition gold and silver Amiibo do in fact exist, and are planned to be released to the general public, odds are your only shot at getting them will be from a re-seller on ebay.