Well, if you were one of the many Nintendo fans awaiting the heavily rumored “Nintendo Direct” that was apparently scheduled for the 28th this week – unfortunately it seems such a broadcast is no longer a reality, as Nintendo has had something else up their sleeves this entire time. Yep you guessed it, yet another 3rd Party Direct Showcase! Yes, it’s a bit disappointing as we haven’t had an actual first party focused direct for closing in on a year now, aside from the Nintendo Direct Mini’s – but I suppose it’s better than nothing, right?

Today’s Nintendo Direct Partner Showcase follows the previous partner showcase which took place last month, almost identically; aside from new reveals of course. The broadcast touched on upcoming titles such as Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory, Just Dance 2021, A new Teiko Drum Master game, Collection of SaGa Final Fantasy, and a few other titles which we’ve already known about for some time now.

With yet another Partner Showcase behind us, the broadcast made it clear that several more showcases will be held throughout the rest of the year, so it’s probably a safe assumption that any Nintendo Direct presentation we receive which will contain “first party” news, will likely come in the form of a Nintendo Direct Mini, as this seems to be their current formula for this year. Additionally, Nintendo seems to have been announcing most news pertaining to their first-party titles via social media along with video trailers; so it’s quite likely that they will continue to do this for the remainder of the year rather than providing a full-fledged Direct as many have been expecting.


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