Nintendo pulled out the big one at the end of their E3 Direct Presentation this year, with an announcement that no one likely saw coming – that’s right, official confirmation that a “sequel” to 2017’s “Breath of the Wild” was in fact now in development!

The announcement of the development came alongside a short teaser trailer which was very ‘haunting’ in vibes, to say the least. The trailer featured both Zelda and Link in some sort of under-ground chamber,¬†examining runes and a corpse of sorts while an overall dark aura begins to seep it’s way across the chambers – ultimately awakening some sort of corpse. Who’s corpse was it? I personally cannot say for sure, having not finished Breath of the Wild – but my bet is on Gannon or someone to do with him.

Either way, based on what we were shown, the sequel to Breath of the Wild seems to be taking place in a very similar world of Hyrule that we all explored within the first game. It will be interesting to see in what way Nintendo’s mixes things up this time around, as the company has stated in the past that future mainline Zelda games would in fact contain the open worlds elements that were introduced in Breath of the Wild.

With no release window having been made, you could even perhaps expect this title to end up on whatever Nintendo’s next generation platform after the Switch may be, however as many are expecting, it is very likely a hardware refresh of the Switch is on the way – and the perfect title to sell alongside that would be a new Zelda despite the game likely being 2-3 years off.

Breath of the Wild continues to be praised even today as a title that truly pushed open world games to the next level, despite me having never finished the game, I would highly recommend anyone who has yet to play the game to get on it ASAP!