Walking Dead fans rejoice! Telltale Games has finally revealed the release details surrounding their upcoming, season 3 The Walking Dead series. The third season is entitled “A New Frontier” and is set to officially arrive on December 20th, a bit of a delay from it’s initial November release window.

A New Frontier takes place four years after the first chapter, and follows the character Clementine,  as well as a newcomer to the series, Javier. The focus of their journey together will be to find Javier’s family; his family in which were taken during a zombie attack. A New Frontier will also be utilizing a different game engine from what was used from the previous two seasons. The new engine being used will be the same engine that has been used in the Telltale Batman games.


The first five episodes of the third season will be available to purchase on December 20th, and will be available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3. If you’re a mobile phone gamer, you’ll also be able to pickup the episodes on iOS and Android on February 7th.