We wrote awhile back that a new PS4 model with a larger HDD was in development. Well, scrap that 1TB model that dropped a month or two ago, we have a 2TB model that is apparently currently on store shelves!

Not yet officially announced by Sony, a new 2TB model PS4 has found it’s way on store shelves here in the U.S, more specifically, at Gamestop. These consoles however are apparently “refurbished”, yet upgraded with a 2TB HDD.

Due to the expanded HDD, the price for this model will be $479.99. People who do decide to purchase this model of the PS4, will be able to select a free PS4 game of their choice as long as it is pre-owned, and slated at a retail value of $30 or less.

2TB is quite a bit of space, however I’ve come to learn that even downloading small demos on the PSN take up quite a bit of space, so I can definitely see this coming in handy for me in the near future.