EVO 2018 took place this past weekend, and with it came quite a surprise at the end of the Super Smash Bros. Melee Finals; as Nintendo announced via the big-screen at the event that a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate focused Nintendo Direct presentation would be taking place on Wednesday, August 8th, 2018! Yes, that’s tomorrow – and while we may be a bit late to the hype train, we’ve also got quite a few ideas on what we’re expecting to be showcased during the Direct Presentation.

First off, let’s talk characters. As we already know from the games official reveal during E3 2018 – every single Super Smash Bros fighter ever will be returning to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. It is with this in mind, that director Masahiro Sakurai hopes that fans are not expecting “too many” new characters. Now “too many” is quite a broad term, as Super Smash Bros. Wii U saw over 13 new fighters to the series. Personally, I think it would be within reason to expect half of that, this time around for Super Smash Bros Ultimate, so to play it even more safe, let’s assume Sakurai has 3 new character reveals up his sleeve, that will launch with the game on December 7th; I think we can most certainly expect to see a character reveal tomorrow, but whom?

Well, it seems we’ve got a few hints. First and foremost, when tweeting about the Direct earlier today, Sakurai mentioned that his eyes may be a bit “red” due to being tired. This is odd, as the Directs are surely pre-recorded broadcasts – so surely they would pick a time to record where he would be more awake and alert. Perhaps I’m reaching here, but a “red eyes” mentioning seems a bit out there, and may even be an indicator or a slight hint as to which character may be getting a reveal tomorrow.

Another hint we may have received earlier today might have just come from Crunchyroll themselves, as the company’s twitter retweeted the direct reminder from Nintendo’s official twitter; leading fans to believe that a Goku reveal may be in store for tomorrow. Now, Crunchyroll is obviously host to a TON of different anime’s, but it’s most certainty been a key destination to view brand new episodes of Dragon Ball Super in the past – so perhaps they are hinting at something related?


Now while character reveals are truly what most are hype about, we’re expecting a few more details regarding Smash Ultimate to be revealed tomorrow – including some of the modes that game will contain, and perhaps even a story mode! (Fingers Crossed.) The announcement of the Direct originally taking place at EVO 2018 also leads me to believe that perhaps something pertaining to something more Competitive Smash related may be announced during the presentation tomorrow, but that’s a reach to say the least.


Overall, tomorrows Direct and Speculations are currently the talk of the Nintendo Community at the moment, and we’ll definitely be up bright and early to watch it live as it takes place. What are you hoping get’s revealed? Let us know in the comments below!

The Super Smash Bros Ultimate Nintendo Direct Presentation Takes place on August 8th, 2018 at 7amPDT/9amCST/10amEST