Call of Duty XP has officially kicked off! And with that, all of the Call of Duty announcements are pouring out! If you are even the slightest Call of Duty fan, you’ll definitely want to be paying attention to the XP Convention this weekend, as both Treyarch and Infinity Ward are busy revealing details surrounding their respective Call of Duty titles.

One of the more recent announcements coming out of Call of Duty XP surrounds the multiplayer of the upcoming Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered Edition. Earlier this year, we learned that only 10 of the multiplayer maps would be making their way to the Remaster, however, it seems Activision and Infinity Ward want to go all-out with this remaster, as they have now announced that all 16 multiplayer maps will be included in the game!

While all the maps will thankfully be included, the companies did reveal that only the initial 10 would be available at launch, with the other 6 arriving sometime in December.


At this point, it seems fan are more excited for the Modern Warfare Remaster from Infinity Ward, rather than their upcoming Infinite Warfare title. Regardless of that, both games are now looking to provide a pretty awesome multiplayer experience, so I definitely cannot wait to get my hands on both.