E3 2016 is just around the corner, and some of you may be a bit curious as to what are plans are in terms of covering the show.

Today however, we are happy to announce that we will be bringing back the “EXP 4 ALL:  E3 Live Show” this year for E3 2016!

Beginning on Sunday, June 12th, running through Tuesday, June 14th, we will be covering the biggest and best announcements to come from the E3 2016 show, as well as providing live commentary and in-depth discussions surrounding all of the major Press Conferences which will be taking place at the event!

We invite all of the gaming community to join us for a fun 3-days of absolute nerding out, as we all know, E3 is literally the best time of year for gamers everywhere!

You can watch it all live over on our official Twitch Channel! Also, be sure to check out the official schedule below, so you’ll know when we go live and when certain segments will be taking place. We hope to see you there!


Sunday, June 12th

  • Electronic Arts Pre-Show Discussion (2:30pm CST)
  • Electronic Arts Press Conference Live Coverage (3:00pm CST)
  • Electronic Arts Post-Show Discussion (5:00pm CST)
  • Bethesda Pre-Show Discussion (8:30pm CST)
  • Bethesda Press Conference Live Coverage (9:00pm CST)
  • Bethesda Post-Show Discussion (11:00pm CST)


Monday, June 13th

  • Microsoft Pre-Show Discussion (11:00am CST)
  • Microsoft Press Conference Live Coverage (11:30am CST)
  • Microsoft Post-Show Discussion (1:30pm CST)
  • Ubisoft Pre-Show Discussion (2:30pm CST)
  • Ubisoft Press Conference Live Coverage (3:00pm CST)
  • Ubisoft Post-Show Discussion (5:00pm CST)
  • Sony Pre-Show Discussion (6:30pm CST)
  • Sony Press Conference Live Coverage (8:00pm CST)
  • Sony Post-Show Discussion (10:00pm CST)
  • Kadokawa Games Live Coverage (TBD)


Tuesday, June 14th

  • Nintendo @ Tree House Live Coverage & Discussion (11:00am CST)
  • Wrap-Up Show (The Big Announcements) – (5:00pm CST)