The day’s of 3DS Pokemon titles are officially winding down, and despite Ultra Pokemon Sun/Moon releasing on the handheld later this year; both titles will likely mark the systems final main-line Pokemon entries, at least as far as exclusives are concerned.

During Nintendo’s E3 2017 Spotlight Presentation, the company officially announced to the world that a “Core RPG” Pokemon title is in fact currently being developed for the Nintendo Switch, and should be ready to release within a year or so. A Nintendo Switch Pokemon title is for the most part, what everyone wanted this year in terms of a new main-line Pokemon entry; however Nintendo clearly isn’t ready to pull the 3DS for the spotlight just yet, as Ultra Sun/Moon will still be exclusively releasing on the 3DS.

As we transition into 2018 however, the global Pokemon Community is in for a special treat, as a Nintendo Switch Pokemon Entry is likely to be one of the biggest, most innovative, and revolutionary Pokemon titles we will ever receive. A main-line Pokemon entry on the Nintendo Switch allows for the developers to do so much more with the games world, features, and more; mainly due to the sole reason that the Nintendo Switch packs so much more power, features, and accessibility. The possibility of a Nintendo Switch Pokemon title allowing us to explore various regions in a sort of “open-world-esque” type game is exciting, and realistic considering what the Nintendo Switch has already proven it can do with not only Breath of the Wild, but also the upcoming Super Mario Odyssey as well.

While I will definitely miss the day’s of playing Pokemon titles in a dual screen format, I know that so much more of what I’ve dreamed Pokemon of one-day becoming, is likely going to be a reality on the Nintendo Switch and a year and maybe some change is all we have to wait!