With 2017 well under-way and the gaming industry back in full-rev since the conclusion of the Holiday’s, many companies have either already begun or are currently planning to share more information surrounding their upcoming releases for the remainder of the year. While E3 is usually the pinnacle event for such announcements to take place, many large announcements have come early this year, with Atlus games to seemingly be the next company to reveal their 2017 release schedule.

Atlus has announced that on Sunday, March 26th, the company will hold a special livestream to announce their 2017 lineup. The company will be revealing some new titles, as well as showcasing gameplay footage from the recently announced Radiant Historia remake. The event will be taking place at 7pm JST, and you can check it out live by visiting this page.



Personally, I’m hoping either a Persona 5 Arena, or even a Persona 4 Arena port for next-gen console announcements, however, the ladder is probably much more likely at this point. Regardless, Atlus has many great franchises under their belt; as long as they dish out some new things for the 3DS and the Nintendo Switch, I know I will be happy.