Your Battlefield 1 experience will be enhanced yet again, this September, as EA has officially revealed more information regarding the upcoming DLC for the title entitled “In the Name of Tsar.” First off, the company revealed that night maps would be making their way into the game this June, with “Niville Nights” arriving this June. Six other new maps will also be on the way for the title which will take players to the Eastern front of WWI.

As far as Septembers update is concerned, the DLC will finally bring Female Soldiers as well as the Russian Army into the game, as well as more content which will be touched upon in the near future. EA also confirmed that they have some sort of competitive mode in-development for the title, but did not state much else regarding the new addition other than that it would be a new competitive mode that is a bit more small-scaled.

With “In the Name of Tsar” arriving this September, it’s quite likely we’ll hear more information regarding the DLC update sometime this Summer, with Gamescom being a likely platform for future announcements.