Battlefield is finally back! It’s been roughly two years since the release of Battlefield 1, and while since then EA has been on the excellent spree of providing content updates for the game – players have still been a bit curious as to when the next Battlefield title would be on the way, especially with the wide circling rumors that a potential “Bad Company 3” game was in the works. Despite this, today we received our first look at the upcoming Battlefield V title, as well as numerous details regarding what sort of experience the game will offer.

In the grand scheme of things, Battlefield V is the large-scale, big team, action-packed FPS we’ve all come to know and love over the years. At first glance, the game stays true to the iterations core experience, while also providing something brand new as well. Unlike the 2016 release, Battlefield 1; Battlefield V will be a World War II focused title, with a heavy focus on the British and European forces. The game will feature more robust story telling, showcasing many different perspectives during the war, and allowing you to even take control of other forces in later updates.


Where Battlefield V sets itself apart from previous iterations within the franchise is most definitely it’s updated animations, detail, and physics system – something that for the most part always heavily improves within each major Battlefield release, however in this years title, the player and weapon animations and physics system has been completely overhauled in hopes of providing a more realistic feel to the game, as well as helping make gameplay balancing a bit easier.

Probably one of the biggest new gameplay modes within Battlefield V is the “Combined Arms” mode. A new mode which will allow four player to team up together online along with their custom soldier, and complete a series of missions and challenges along with other players – something which sounds much more similar to that of a “Strike” in Destiny or even a “Raid” of sorts. Overall, it’s good to see some new fresh co-op features coming within the next Battlefield.


Now, strangely enough – probably the main thing we were all looking forward to the most during the Battlefield V reveal, was of the highly rumored “Battle Royale” mode, which was not announced at all whatsoever during the event, which has left many of us confused and anxious. Now, there is a good chance that EA/DICE are holding out on the Battle Royale announcement for sometime during E3 2018, but it feels a bit strange that they do not have any sort of confirmation on the mode as of yet – especially with Treyarch coming out swinging with their recently announced Battle Royale mode for the upcoming Black Ops 4.

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Overall, Battlefield V looks to be an incredibly beautiful game, and will be sporting many great improvements and new features over the previous titles. Battlefield V buyers will also be happy to know that all post-launch content for the game will be free for all, however, micro-transactions to “spice” up your soldier will be available to purchase with real money.

Battlefield V launches on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on October 19th, 2018.