Ever since we received official revealing of the Nintendo Switch, a Mario/Raving Rabbids RPG crossover, apparently being developed by Ubisoft, was highly rumored as a title that was most definitely going to be arriving on the platform sometime before the end of 2017. Not too long ago, Kotaku had reported that they had received art assets for the game, and officially received confirmation that the game would be titled “Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle”, and all can rest assured now that they were in fact telling the truth.

The first teaser image for Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle was recently leaked this week, which pretty much shows off a lot of the concept of the game. While it definitely looks like it could be anything but an RPG title, it’s definitely a Mario & Rabbids Crossover, and it definitely looks like it will be lot’s of madness compiled into one title.

mario rabbids

As you can see from the art work, both the Mushroom Kingdom characters, as well as the Rabbids are utilizing a some sort of beam-guns, which pretty much confirms that they’ll play a rather big role within the games battle system. The Rabbids dressed as Luigi seems to be using a yo-yo weapon of sorts, with the Rabbid dressed in as Mario in the very back wielding a giant hammer of some sort. While it definitely looks like will be receiving a wide array of different weapons in this title, I think it’s safe to assume that the beam-gun will be what we’ll be starting off with – but who knows!


Both Ubisoft and Nintendo have yet to confirm or deny the existence of this title, however it’s pretty safe to assume that the game will be officially announced and revealed during this years E3.

We will be sure to keep you all updated with all announcements surrounding Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, as announcements are made.