It seems like every region aside from the US is always getting new color variants for their consoles, especially when it comes to Nintendo. Time and time again we’ve seen a slew of varied colored Nintendo consoles released in Japan, that never made their way to the states. Every now and then, Europe seems to get a few of these nicely colored console variants, ultimately leaving North America with the same default colors that were available at launch. Do I sound like I am complaining yet?

Either way, Europe has struck gold once again, as Nintendo of Europe has recently announced that three new colors for the New Nintendo 3DS XL systems, will be arriving in EU on November 11th. These new colors are Orange & Black, Pearl White, and Pink & White. Honestly, these are by far, the best colors I’ve seen thus far, and while I’d personally be going for either the Pearl white or the Pink & White, the Orange & Black is not even close to bad looking, either.


While I’m still crossing my fingers for these colors to come to American shores, odds are they won’t be, but hopefully some different colored variants will be announced for the US, sometime soon.