Black Widow, Winter Soldier, And More Confirmed As Marvel vs Capcom Infinite DLC


Marvel vs Capcom Infinite is now upon us, and while most of you are probably just getting started grinding out the current roster of characters and testing synergy; it is only inevitable that soon many will begin to wonder when the batch of planned DLC characters will make their way into the game.

While we know of a few DLC characters already which will be added to the roster, such as Black Panther and Sigma; it has been confirmed that several more characters will be added to the games roster at DLC at some point following the launch. These characters are, Black Widow from the Avengers, The Winter Soldier aka Bucky Barns, a female Monster Hunter, and Venom.

While Monster Hunter is seen in the games story alongside Black Panther, it’s pretty awesome to see a Spiderman Villain, as well as MCU stars Black Widow and The Winter Soldier, making their way into the game.


As of now, there is no current release date set for these DLC characters, nor have prices been confirmed for how much they will be individually. It is confirmed however, that purchasing the Deluxe Edition of the game for $89.99 will score you all of the characters as they are made available.