Bloodborne is without a doubt one of the most highly enjoyed and most played next-gen games on the PlayStation 4 to date. Despite constantly being bothered to pick the game up and give it a shot, I still haven’t gotten around to it, and the more I hear about it, the more urgent I feel the need to give it a shot.boss2

Bloodborne launched on PlayStation 4 only a few months ago, taking all we knew and loved from Demon Souls/Dark Souls; making it better, and darker. Fans of the game will be happy to know that the bloodline, so to speak, doesn’t stop there. Earlier yesterday, President of Worldwide Studios at Sony confirmed that an expansion for the game is indeed on the way, with more information coming later this year.

Many players have been wondering when we would get word on DLC for the game, but it seems Sony will be taking a different approach, releasing an expansion instead, or perhaps even both? Regardless, this is great news considering the game has only been out for roughly 2 months, it just shows how great it’s doing in general.

Odds are we won’t hear any news regarding the expansion at E3, but you never know, maybe they’ll hint towards it in some shape or form.