I love my big, clunky, heavy consoles. Yes, I’m talking about the Xbox One, and all big consoles alike. For some reason, I enjoy systems that take up a large amount of space, as well as handheld devices with nice big screens and a good, large layout. I know, weird right?

Well luckily for me, Microsoft has just announced something that seems to be right up my alley! With Forza 6 recently being confirmed for a September 15th release this year in the U.S, the game is well on it’s way and we know it’s going to be the biggest Forza game yet! Microsoft knows this all to well, which is perhaps the reason why they’ve decided to release this Limited Edition Forza 6 Xbox One bundle which will be arriving this September.


This sleek, gorgeous, Blue Xbox One will come packaged with the Froza 6 game, a giant 1TB HDD, a blue controller, and of course the console itself, all for the price tag of $399! This bundle will only be available in the U.S so for those of you out of the country who are looking to jump on this, you may want to pre-order now, odds are this will be sold out quite quickly.

Forza 6 is probably one of my favorite announcements from E3 this year, with all they are including in the game this time around, September honestly cannot come fast enough!