Borderlands is not dead, in fact, it will soon be making it’s 3rd comeback as soon as Gearbox is finished developing their MOBA multiplayer-focused title, Battleborn. We recently learned that in Battleborn, there will be several Borderlands Easter-eggs, along with this, the developer also said that they will be dropping hints about Borderlands 3 in Battleborn, as well.


During PAX East 2016 which took place this past weekend, Gearbox held their own panel, which shed a bit more light on the current situation surrounding Borderlands 3. The CEO, Randy Pitchford, officially announced that there will be another Borderlands game in the series, however, the teams current focus at the moment, is Battleborn and it’s DLC.

Randy stated during the Panel:

There’s already a lot of Borderlands Easter eggs in Battleborn. But they’re all from previous Borderlands games. So what if we put Easter eggs for future stuff in the DLC?”


It’s exciting to see the company making an effort to bring both games together in some way, by featuring easter-eggs from one franchise, into a newer franchise. Many Borderlands fans have been worried that Gearbox was leaving the franchise behind, and while Battleborn is in fact the companies main focus, for now, it’s quite comforting to know that a huge franchise such as Borderlands, will definitely be making it’s return.