Rumors were swarming around the web earlier today regarding a brand new ‘micro transaction’ option for Destiny players, that would be added to the game.

The option would enable players to be able to purchase ‘heavy ammo synthesis’ and other ammo with real money, as a micro transaction option. As the rumor began to surface, many players were dumbfounded as to why Bungie would even offer this as an option as getting ammo in-game is extremely easy. Even if you play no more than 30 minutes a day, you can earn plenty ammo with almost no hard work done.

Shortly after the rumor began to spread, a fan of the game took to twitter to question the Community Manager of Bungie to confirm or deny the rumors of this new supposed Micro Transaction option. The community manager, DeeJ, said the following:


And there you have it folks! Many players have been quite worried in regards to Bungie adding more ‘Micro Transactions’ to the game, but it doesn’t seem like Bungie is THAT desperate for your money to stoop to the lows of offering instant ammo.