The Nintendo Switch is finally a year old, and even though a year is really not that long in the grand scheme of things – it seems everyone is already discussing the next giant step for the Nintendo Switch, as it shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that the systems software did the most of the talking last year, with the system itself being a bit…bland.

Now, if you’re a Switch owner, odds are you updated your Nintendo Switch to the brand new 5.0 update last week, which introduced a few new features, as well as implementing your standard bug fixes, etc. Well, along with the update, it turns out that the new firmware included a reference to a new System Chip, which has many techies wondering if a new model for the system could perhaps be in the works. Throughout the past few days, a research engineer by the name of Mike Heskin, has been said to have discovered some new details about the possible hardware refresh – including the information that the updated system would launch with the new Tegra214 chip alongside a new PCB and 8GB of ram.


It’s interesting stuff to say the least, but considering the Nintendo Switch has only been out for a year – do you think a hardware refresh is to soon? Personally, I feel right around the 2-year mark is an okay time to launch a hardware refresh, especially if the upgraded system itself will essentially only be providing a higher quality visual experience. As long as the Nintendo Switch, and say, the “Nintendo Switch Pro” are able to play the same games, I see no issue in launching a more beefier version of the console – no matter how early.