Minecraft is pretty much on every single platform at this point, and while many may think the title has ran it’s course, the game is really so much better when you can take it on the go with you. With that said, you’ll be able to do that soon on the Nintendo Switch, as Nintendo has recently announced that Minecraft will be making it’s way to the platform on May 11th via digital download, with a physical release coming “at a later date.”

Minecraft is already available as a mobile download, however if you’re looking to get a more richer, on-the-go experience with the title, you’ll definitely want to pickup the Nintendo Switch version as the handy 720p touch screen is surely to come in great use, and having physical controls (joy-cons) are also a rich luxury you cannot get with the title on any other mobile platform. In addition to that, the Switch release of the title will support both online and local multiplayer, so yes, local on-the-go Minecraft LAN’s can finally be a thing now.

As a special addition to the title arriving on the Nintendo Switch, a Mario mash-up pack for the game will also be available on launch where you’ll be able to explore a Minecraft version of the Mushroom Kingdom and other Super Mario themed worlds. It’ll definitely be interesting to see what people come up with.


Minecraft has a special place in almost everyone’s hearts, it’s great to see such a beloved title arriving on such a “hot” platform. Well done Nintendo.

Minecraft officially arrives on the Nintendo Switch on May 11th via the eShop.