A new company has been added to the E3 2016 Press Conference lineup! Exciting news from the parent company of the Dark Souls series of games, Kadokawa Games, has announced that they will be holding their own E3 Press Conference during E3 2016! The Press Conference however, will be taking place in Tokyo at 1:30pm JST, which is 11:30PM PT here in the US, on June 13th.

While the company will technically not be at the show, this will still mark the companies first ever Press Conference at E3! The official announcement has revealed that games “Damon Gaze 2, God Wars: Beyond Time, Robot Letter, and more will shown, along with some more than likely surprises, (Dark Souls MMO?).

Many have begun to speculate as of recent that the company is more than likely working on a brand new IP, as it has already been announced that they are done with the Dark Souls franchise, for the time being. Considering Dark Souls 3 has only just released, odds are if a new IP were to be announced, the game would likely be extremely early in development, with a possible release geared towards sometime late 2017 or even 2018.


Several Dark Souls 3 DLC updates are planned for the near future, two of which arriving in 2016, with the final one arriving sometime in 2017. Expect to hear more details regarding these expansions during the companies E3 Press Conference.