Disgaea seems to be getting a bit of attention this year. With it’s recent 5th release on the PlayStation 4 about a month ago, you would think we’d be done with any Disgaea related news or releases for the rest of the year. Well, this doesn’t exactly seem to be the case.

It has been recently announced that the first ever Disgaea title will be headed to the PC, described as the “definitive” version of the game. The original Disgaea has seem many homes, with the first being on the PS2 back in 2002, as well as the PSP and the Nintendo DS since then. But early next year, the game will also be headed to PC via Steam.

The Steam release has been said to be specially optimized, and will offer support for different screen sizes, improved user interface, updated tile textures, and even a new keyboard/mouse control scheme.

Hopefully this release means more Disgaea titles are on the way, as I really do not want to have to pickup a PS2 and a PS3 to be able to play the last 4 games.