E3 2018 is now shortly behind us, and the event brought several fairly big reveals and announcements that now have many ecstatic for the future of gaming. One of the first biggest reveals of the show had to have been Halo Infinite, a surprise to many as 343 has seemingly been hesitant in regards to sharing any information regarding the next Halo title, ultimately shattering the hope that the game would even be shown off during Microsoft’s E3 2018 Press Conference. Turns out, some new Halo did get shown off – with the game being revealed as “Halo Infinite,” however it turns out we were shown close to nothing, and know even less about the game.

Halo Infinite is still in deep development, with the game still being very far off. We learned shortly after Microsoft’s E3 Press Conference, that the apparent “Halo Infinite” footage that was shown off during the show, was in fact a game engine demo, so basically a glimpse of what Halo Infinite could look like, running on the new engine.  The showcasing did tease Master Chief of course, but don’t expect anything in that showcasing to be featured when the final product launches – Halo fans know that the current Halo setting is a bit less peaceful than the setting we were shown via the game engine demo.

Now, it’s not all fog and mysteries. We were given some information in regards to Halo Infinite and what we can definitely expect from the game when it finally launches, whenever that will be. First off, the games story will in fact pick up where Halo 5 left off, except this time around the game will be much more Master Chief focused, rather than splitting up the adventure between two agents. Secondly, if you enjoyed the artistic direction in the Halo Infinite teaser, then the final product may be right up your alley. Most Halo fans probably got a very Halo CE vibe from watching the teaser, and it seems 343 will be aiming to evolve and improve upon that art-style between now and when the game launches. Overall, expect an art-style that is a bit more true to the original Halo, yet spiced up heavily for modern hardware.


All in all, the final canvas that is Halo Infinite is very far off. So much so that the possibility of the game arriving on Microsoft’s 2020 console currently code-named “Scarlet,” is looking very likely. Obviously this would be a smart decision, business wise as it would get new consoles flying off store shelves – however it Microsoft does in fact decide to launch this game on Windows 10 PC as well, it may be a different story. Either way, we know a brand new generation of Xbox console is soon to come, it’s only a matter of time.