E3 is just around the corner, being less than 2 months away, ultimately. While both Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo fans are all stoked as to what will be announced at the show, only one group of gamer’s are still left a bit in the dark regarding their company’s plans for the show. Nintendo has yet to share their details regarding their E3 show plans, and while we already know the company will be present at the convention, on a much larger scale this year than previous years; we still have not received any sort of clarification on the sort of presentation they will put on for their fans, this time around.

While many have thought that maybe due to the recent success of the Nintendo Switch, and with it being such a new console – the company may return to holding a more traditional E3 Press Conference this year, to ensure as impact-full of a marketing opportunity for the system as they can during the show; however, it was recently confirmed via the President of Nintendo, Kimishima himself, that the company will not be hosting a large-scale press conference. While this means the company will likely continue their E3 Nintendo Direct Broadcasts like they’ve done throughout the past several years, the President also stated that Nintendo of America will “present further information at a later date.”


Fans have high hopes for Nintendo’s presence at E3 this year, and while Reggie has already stoked us up with what is to come during the show; I think it’s safe to say that we’re all hoping Nintendo makes some HUGE waves with Switch announcements, and follow’s through on their promises surrounding continuing support for the Nintendo 3DS.


E3 2017 officially June 13th and runs through the 15th, at the Los Angeles Convention Center in California.