Today was the day Destiny fans all over the world have been waiting for, and hyping up for about a month now. That’s right, today was the day that we all finally got to set eyes on our first look at Destiny 2 gameplay, and boy was it the most amazing thing we’ve saw in awhile!

Destiny 2 takes place not too long after the events of Destiny 1 and it’s expansions. All is going well within the solar system until Earth and ultimately the Last City is attacked by a new force we now know goes by the name of the “Red Legion“. The Red Legion is a force lead by the commander “Ghaul” or as I like to call him “Ra’s al Ghaul“. The events in Destiny 2 will have players traveling across the solar system and primarily exploring 4 worlds including Earth, IO, Titan, and Nessus. Each world will be significantly different from the other, featuring their own unique kind of terrain, enemies, and more.

During the official gameplay reveal, it was explained that Destiny 2 was built to be a fresh, even ground experience for all players. The games story is built around the concept of loss, as when you start out, everything that you have experienced, everything you have earned, and everything that once made you a guardian has been taken away. The Guardians in the beginning of Destiny 2 find themselves without the power of the travelers Light, and with their hometown destroyed; it’s quite a saddened tone when compared to how triumphant and seemingly OP we have been in Destiny 1 and throughout it’s expansions. Overall, story telling in Destiny 2 is definitely shaping up to be a very big part of the game, just like Bungie had promised from the get-go. The game will feature many cinematic’s, a more open-world-esque adventure, and features that will leave you feeling a lot LESS restricted than how you may have felt in the original Destiny.

Looking at Destiny 2 you definitely can tell at first glance that this is Destiny, and not all much has changed. I think that’s a good thing in this particular situation. Generally speaking, people like to see a lot of “new” when it comes to sequels, and while Bungie has definitely showed that their will be tons of new in Destiny 2; they have not strayed away from the roots of the franchise and have kept things familiar enough for returning players to feel at home.


Destiny 2 is still slated to launch on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via Battle.NET on September 8th, with Beta taking place this Summer for those of you who have pre-ordered the game. Much more was announced regarding Destiny 2 during the gameplay revealing, and we’ll be sharing more of that information with you in upcoming pieces – so be sure to keep an eye out!