We’ve known for quite sometime now that the next Destiny 2 DLC expansion would soon be on the way, as the game has had the release window of “Spring 2018” ever since we’ve known of it’s existence. Now, along with some updated information regarding Bungie’s Destiny 2 Development Roadmap; a schedule of updates and changes of sorts that are planned to get the game back on track to meeting the community standards – Bungie has revealed not only the name of the upcoming Spring DLC expansion, but also when we can expect to get our hands on it, and when we will hear more information on it.

The next DLC expansion is entitled “Warmind”, and will come alongside various other additions to the game such as Crucible Rankings, Private Matches, Increased Vault Space, Multi-Emotes, Exotic Weapon Masterworks, Seasonal Vendor Progression, Heroic Strike Modifiers, Nightfall Challenge Cards, and likely a bit more that they are holding out as a surprise.

All in all, the Warmind DLC expansion will kick off the brand new season (Season 3) of content for Destiny 2, and we’ll learn much more about the expansion in just a few weeks as Bungie has announced that they will host a full reveal live-stream on April 24th.

destiny 2 warmind

Warmind is set to arrive on May 8th, it’s likely PlayStation 4 owners will receive some sort of exclusive bonus content that is yet to be announced.