Bungie’s latest, and most successful franchise, Destiny, has gotten quite a handful of content releases over the past few years. With the original title launching during Autumn of 2014, the game received it’s first DLC expansion, The Dark Below, only a few months later during early December of 2014. After a longer period, the game eventually received it’s House of Wolves DLC expansion, during May of 2015, which stuck around till the game official full-fledged expansion, The Taken King, which launched during September of 2015. All of Destiny’s expansion have ranged anywhere from $15-$40 and that’s not even including the base game.

This is quite common with many MMO-esque games, as they tend to receive expansion pretty much annually. Luckily, Bungie has taken note of how these many separate expansions may be a bit overwhelming for a desired newcomer of the franchise, to hop in, and get up to speed with everything. As a resolution, Bungie has announced the ultimate Destiny package, which is officially entitled, “Destiny – The Collection”.

Rumors regarding a giant Destiny collection were reported recently, as various listings for the collectors pack had seemingly been spotted on retailer website around the web. The Destiny-Collection, is set to include the Destiny base game, along with all of it’s expansions, including the soon to be released “Rise of Iron” expansion, which will be launching on September 30th.

For desired new players who want to get catch-up, and be ready for the Rise of Iron content, players can pre-purchase the digital edition of the Destiny-The Collection right now, and will automatically receive Destiny, along with all currently released expansions, ultimately giving you everything you need to be able to catch-up and be ready once Rise of Iron drops. The physical version of Destiny – The Collection is set to release on September 20th.