With Disgaea becoming a bit more known here in the States, it seems NIS is ready to start bringing over some of the titles that did not get western releases, including the Disgaea 1 Refine title in Japan. Refine will be known as the “Disgaea 1 Complete Edition” in the west – and will launch on the PlayStation 4 and the Nintendo Switch this fall.

Disgaea 1 Complete Edition will be an enhanced version of the game of sorts, featuring an MD makover, Etna Mode (which was present in the PSP port of Disgaea Afternoon of Darkness.) Overall, Disgaea 1 Complete Edition will feature the same story and content that fans of the first game have come to know and love since it’s been around.

Disgaea 1 Complete Edition will also launch alongside a collectors edition which is titled the “Rosen Queens Finest Edition”; the collectors will feature a copy of the game, official soundtrack, official hardcover art book, enamel pin set, orthodox Prinny coaster set, and SO much more! All for $99.99, a fairly standard price for a load of physical Disgaea themed items.

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Disgaea 1 Complete Edition launches this Fall on both Nintendo Switch and the PlayStation 4.