PC players will soon be able to embark on yet another Dragon Quest adventure rather soon, as the release date for Dragon Quest Heroes 2 for the PC has recently been announced by Square Enix. The title is set to launch on the same day as the PlayStation 4 version, with the launch date being April 25th in North America and April 28th in Europe. This is quite exciting news for PC players that may have been worried about having to wait a much longer time before the release of a PC version of the title.

In addition to the release date announcements, Square Enix also revealed a day one edition of the title which is entitled “Explorer’s Edition”. This edition will launch with 15 pieces of DLC as well as a reversible cover. The following DLC items which are included in the Explorers Edition are as follows:

  • Archdemon Arcs
  • Drackerang
  • Gem Slime Sword
  • Golem Gauntlets
  • Goodybag Abacus
  • Great Sabreclaws
  • Imp’s Fork
  • Night Club
  • Plat o’ One Tails
  • Robo-Bow
  • Robo-Razor
  • Royal Flush
  • Shadowblade
  • Slime Knight’s Shield
  • Slime Stack Stick


Dragon Quest Heroes 2 is set to feature that hack-n-slash gameplay that we all know and love, which is more traditional “Dynasty Warriors” style. Dragon Quest is yet another franchise which seems to work quite well with that style of gameplay, and Dragon Quest Heroes 2 seeks to take things to the next level.