Dragon Quest XI is a beautiful game, and I almost feel terrible that I’m realizing that so late.

Today Square Enix officially announced that the next stream-line Dragon Quest title in the franchise, Dragon Quest XI: In Search of Departed Time will be releasing in Japan on July 29th, exclusively on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo 3DS. The announcement took place during a video presentation featuring the series creator Yuji Horii as well as other guests. During the presentation, gameplay footage was shown off for both versions of the title, which also featured a more in-depth look at the games battle system.

If you’re an RPG fan that loves the traditional turn-based gameplay, Dragon Quest XI may just spark your interest. Despite Dragon Quest not being as popular of a franchise in the States than compared to in Japan, the series isn’t bad by any means. While many RPG’s that are more popular here in the West tend to evolve quite a bit with each new iteration, Dragon Quest on the other hand tends to stay fairly close to it’s roots for the most part, while also adding in new things that won’t exactly stray away from what their core fan-base is used to.

With both the PlayStation 4 and the Nintendo 3DS versions of the title to be launched simultaneously, many fans are wondering what has become of the previously confirmed Nintendo Switch version of the title. While the good news is that the title is still in development for the Nintendo Switch, it’s looking like it may be sometime before it officially launches for the system, perhaps by years end if we’re lucky.

No news has been announced as of yet regarding when Dragon Quest XI may come to Western shores, and it’s quite likely it won’t be for years to come. After all, we’re only just now receiving Dragon Quest titles here in the States that have been available in Japan for several years now; so traditionally speaking Western port of the title is still a way’s off.