It’s been quite sometime since Dragon Quest XI was announced, and was even recently released in Japan last summer on both the Nintendo 3DS and the PlayStation 4. While we knew for quite sometime that the game would eventually see a release in the West, we were never given specific word on when or even for what platforms – aside from the fact that the 3DS version of the game would not be seeing a release in the west.

Today however, Square Enix has finally announced that Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age will be coming to the West this September, and will launch on PlayStation 4 and PC via Steam. The abandonment of a 3DS version is likely due to Nintendo trying to push Switch sales in the West, and seeing that the game has been announced to be coming to the platform at some point, launching the game on the 3DS as well may take away some thunder.

Square Enix also revealed some additional changes that will be headed to the Western version of Dragon Quest XI, including the following:

  • English Voiceover
  • Draconian Quest, a hard mode that offers additional challenges for more experienced players
  • Overhauled Menus & UI, with graphical enhancements and more intuitive navigation
  • Camera Mode, allowing players to take in views of the beautiful landscape, character renders and ferocious monsters in detail
  • A New Dash Function and many other system enhancements such as improved character and camera movement


Overall, Dragon Quest XI remains to be one of my most anticipated titles; and despite vowing to not play XI until I have finished 4-9, I cannot wait to get my hands on this game.

Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age launches September 4th this year.