If you’re one of those people still waiting out for GranTurismo on PS4, or have passed on the latest iteration of Forza, odds are you just might be playing DriveClub. If that is indeed the case, then you’ll probably be interested in this.

Today during Sony’s Press Conference at Paris Games Week, the company announced an additional add-on for the infamous PS4 racer, DriveClub. This new expansion adds bikes to the circuit, hence the title “DriveClub Bikes”. If your not to huge of a fan of DriveClub, like myself, but love the idea of racing with bikes, you can actually purchase this standalone and still be able to enjoy it!

DriveClub Bikes is available to purchase right now! So if you’d like to get that motorcycle fix, this is definitely worth checking out! Check out the official announcement trailer for the title below if you haven’t seen it yet.