Dynasty Warriors is one of longest running franchises in the video game industry, and while the series has taken a sort of backseat over the years with smaller releases, it seems the next iteration is ready to revitalize the entire franchise as a whole.

Koei Tecmo has revealed the next Dynasty Warriors which is currently simply titled “Dynasty Warriors 9,” and has confirmed the game to be arriving on the PlayStation 4. Famitsu has recently revealed the first images for the title, while also confirming that the title is expected to release sometime next winter. The article featuring the title discussed a little bit about the Open World elements that would be present in Dynasty Warriors 9, confirming that the development team used Toukiden 2 as a sort of guide for implementing an open-world system into Dynasty Warriors 9.

The Open World system will also come with nice perks such as a full day and night cycle, and weather conditions changing in real time. The title is set to feature over 10 major cities, including Luoyang, and several other smaller towns where the player will travel to and purchase weapons and other items. You’ll also be able to set this locations as a sort of way-point and will be able to return to them, even when in the middle of a battle.

Dynasty Warriors 9 is set to have a huge character roster, and will feature all 83 characters from Dynasty Warriors 8. Depending on which character you choose, you will start out in a different location within the world. While it’s unlikely that all 83 characters will be playable, it is still nice to see that older characters will be present in the new title.


I haven’t played a Dynasty Warrior titles since maybe 2005, and while I will likely never go back and play the older titles; something more Open-World based definitely has me much more interested. Dynasty Warriors 9 is sounding like it will be a huge undertaking for Koei Tecmo, so we’ll just have to wait and see if they’ll be able to create the masterpiece they seems to be aiming for.


Dynasty Warriors 9 is currently confirmed for PlayStation 4, however no word has been said as to if the title will be a PS4 exclusive or not.