Today Activision held a Call of Duty: Ghosts Livestream dubbed “All Access” to reveal our first solid glimpse of the game in action. In addition to showing two levels from the game’s single player campaign Infinity Ward revealed some insight into the games next gen engine and how the story is being constructed by Oscar winner Stephen Gaghan.

The first level of game play Infinity Ward and Activision showed off was called “Into the Deep” which involved two brothers, who are the main stories protagonists, diving into the depths of the ocean. The game play featured both stealth and all-guns-blazing game play. The gun play shown was as solid as any other Call of Duty game but what stood out to me was the immersion you felt while the demo was being played, from the air bubbles floating past the player’s point of view to fish swimming away from the falling wrecks in desperation, this level showcased a new level of immersion that was somewhat lacking from previous titles in the series and is a worthy addition to the already solid Call of Duty formula.

Before the second level of Call of Duty: Ghosts was shown off Executive Producer from Infinity Ward, Mark Rubin, revealed the name of the service dog featured in the single player campaign. Known as Riley, Infinity Ward felt it was appropriate to provide a throwback to Modern Warfare 2’s most beloved character, Simon “Ghost” Riley.

The second and final level showcased at the event was called “No Man’s Land”. The level revealed that Riley is a playable character within Call of Duty: Ghosts’ storyline. Riley can be used for stealth gameplay as well as “go loud” as shown within the demo. The levels looked both drastically different apart from the fact that one of them was on land and the other in the ocean, all textures looked unique to each level and the environments had elements of visual storytelling, for example, one of the brothers’ picks up an old BB gun and examines it deeply, this adds a new element to the characters within the game and makes them feel more real, something that many people have complained about in previous Call of Duty entries was the inhuman qualities of the characters and it seems that Infinity Ward is attempting to change that with their newest entry into the Call of Duty franchise.

Both demos shown off during the livestream showed the hard work that Infinity Ward is putting in to make the most real and human storyline and experience CoD fans have ever played and I can’t wait to see more in the coming days and months.

The full replay of the livestream is below:

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