Sony, the big S, hitting us all hard with amazing titles, great features, and cheaper prices. Sony’s Press Conference in my opinion, was by far the best conference of E3 2013. Of course with Nintendo to look forward too in the morning, I feel it will take a lot from them to be able to keep up with the momentum Sony has within this Next Gen Console War, especially after today. Sony announced a large handful of titles, and while I won’t go in-depth about all of them, considering many were not discussed very much, I will discuss about some of the heavy hitters, and very important things that happen during the Press Event. Here are the announced titles from Sony this year.

  • 84+ PS Vita titles to be released by the end of the year


The conference began with some brief stats about the Vita, however they were not very impressive or convincing at all. While it seems Sony is interested in picking up the pace of the Vita, it’s just not enough to compete with the 3DS, no matter how well made they believe their titles are for it. But with this many titles coming at the end of this year, will have to figure out if that will be enough to pickup the pace of the handheld. 

  • The Walking Dead coming to PS Vita
  • Pupeteer (PS3)
  • Rain (PS3) – Releases Fall 2013
  • Beyond: Two Souls
  • GT6 (PS3)
  • Batman: Arkham Origins  – Releases October 25th 2013
  • GranTheft Auto V – Releases  September 15th 
  • Video Unlimited – Available Day 1 of  PS4 launch
  • Music Unlimited – Available Day 1 of PS4 launch
  • RedBox Instant coming to PS4

Netflix & Verizon are partnering up to bring you a brand new movie rental serice on the PS4, no longer will you have to worry about driving late at night to get to a redbox location, this should have you covered. This is going to be a great overall video rental service for the system.

  • Filxter  (Movie Service)
  • The Order: 1886 – Developed by ReadyatDawn & Santa Monica Studios


This is one game that stood out, unlike a lot of the others, with a mix between medieval, and futuristic architecture, The Order looks like it’s going to an amazing new franchise for Sony, truly bringing something unique to the table. I am excited to hear more information regarding this title, and will keep you updated as more details roll out.  

  • KillZone: Shadow Fall
  • Drive Club
  • Infamous Second Son – Releasing in 2014
  • Knack
  • the Dark Sorcerer
  • Transistor – Releasing in 2014
  • Octodad
  • OddWorld: New & Tasty
  • Kay’s the Dead
  • Diablo 3


We already knew Diablo 3 was headed too the PlayStation 3, but luckily we’ve got extras and the game is also headed to PlayStation 4. I am also questioning myself the possibility of the rest of the Diablo series coming to the console, as once they concluded the section of talking about PS3 releases, I spotted a original “Diablo” logo in the background. This is totally questionable, but it would be nice to see those two classics added to the system.

  • Final Fantasy XV

[youtube id=”yXhK-EalTyk”]

This one hit us all by surprise. It’s been almost a year since we’ve seen a trailer for Final Fantasy XIII Versus, and today they took us by surprise with both a new trailer, and a new name. The game is now titled Final Fantasy XV! While I’m still wondering why they decided to make this the 15th entry in the franchise, I can only assume it is because the games development is now on a next gen console. It’s great to see that the games story is coming along well, and much more. I’m looking forward to this game so much.

  • Kingdom Hearts 3

[youtube id=”npjBHFb0fZM”]

After many years of begging and wondering, it’s finally coming, it has finally been announced. Square Enix really took the stage when announcing this one. No details were announced regarding the title, a bit of footage was played, and well…it looks amazing, that’s all I can say. I would personally expect a holiday 2014 release for the game perhaps, but we will see if anymore details are revealed about the title as E3 continues.

  • Assassins Creed IV
  • Final Fantasy XIV

Another title, previously announced for the PS3, is also making it’s way on the the PlayStation 4. The game is soon to be released within a few months on both PS3 & PC, I would assume this title as a PS4 Launch title.

  • Watchdogs
  • Elder Scrolls Online – Releasing Spring 2014
  • Mad Max
  • Destiny

The final game showed off during the Press Event was Destiny, the game looks absolutely stunning! The game has a Halo look, but at the same time something completely fresh and unique. It seems to be taking on a roll of an MMO, where players can swiftly jump in and out of a game with you, and maps are very big, with lot’s to explore. Your personal character within the game can also use emotes to make the experience a little more richer when playing online with friends. The game was already confirmed later this year as NOT a 2013 release, so it’s safe to assume holiday 2014 will be it’s release.

  • PlayStation Cloud – Releasing in 2014
  • PlayStation 4 Launching at $399 this Holiday Season


Finally, along with poking some laugh worthy fun at Microsoft, Sony announced the pricing and release window for the PlayStation 4. The game will retail $399 here in the U.S, along with equal pricing everywhere else worldwide. The PlayStation 4 will be released Holiday this year!