While the EA Press Conference revealed a lot of information for games we already know about, there was one specific brand new gem of information that came out of the show, and to be very honest; I’d say it’s the first announcement of E3 that has really caught my eye.

EA has announced a brand new IP which is currently being developed by the studio’s at Bioware. The game is called “Anthem” and seems to take place in some sort of open-world where most technology seems to be idle. At first glance, the game definitely brings a sort of Mass Effect/Destiny feel to it, so it’s not exactly completely foreign. Based off of the reveal trailer, it’s safe to say we’ll be playing as some sort of Spartan as we fend off dinosaur-like creatures in this open world.


Very little information was revealed regarding the game during the Press Conference, however EA has stated that more details would be arriving tomorrow during Microsoft’s Press Conference. With that said, it seems Microsoft will be utilizing the Project Scorpio to showcase what this title really has to offer, but I guess we’ll have to wait and see.