It was revealed today that a “Mother” port was finally arriving to the U.S! Nintendo surprised us all with such a big announcement during the start of their Nintendo 2015 World Championships, and better yet, they made the game available to download today! Awesome right? Nintendo is the best! The title has been renamed “EarthBound Beginnings” for us U.S players, to in a way differentiate the games localization from Japan to he U.S

EarthBound Beginnings is currently available on the eShop right now to download for the small price of $6.99! A small storage space of 37MB is required to download the game. No word has been said as of yet regarding if we will receive localization’s for the other 2 games, however if there is a strong enough demand, I’m sure they will be on the way at some point. Anything is possible it seems! After all, we have waited over 25 years for this!