That time of year is just about hear folks, and I along with many other gamer’s can barely contain the excitement! That’s right, we’re talking about E3 2017! With roughly 14 days remaining until the first Press Conference kicks off from the event; I’d like to take this time now to talk a little bit about what we’ll be doing for E3 2017 this year, and the type of content you can expect to receive from us on our website, social media, and YouTube Channel.

When E3 rolls around, things tend to get much more busy here, just as they are on various other gaming related websites across the net. Announcements are being made on almost an hourly basis, so during the first few days of the event there is barely a dry moment to be experienced – something exciting is always happening! With that said, as usual, we’ll be publishing announcements made from the convention, onto the website around the clock to ensure that you, the reader, are updated with all of the biggest and more hype reveals that have taken place during the event!

As a new addition to our website E3 content this year, we’ll also be doing our own Press Conference reviews of sorts, where we will share our thoughts, feelings, and highlights; for each and every Press Conference that takes place at the show. As of now, this includes and is not limited to; Microsoft’s Press Conference, Sony’s Press Conference, Ubisoft’s Press Conference, Nintendo E3 2017 Spotlight Direct, Square Enix’s Press Conference, Bethesda’s Press Conference, and EA’s Press Conference. That’s a lot of thought sharing if you ask me!

Social media is pretty much where every excited gamer goes the moment something hype is announced during E3. With that said, we’ll be joining in the fun with all of the other hype gamer’s out there, not only live-tweeting during each and every main Press Conference at the event, but also sharing our thoughts about the Conferences and the announcements made in real time! We hope to get some dialogue¬†going turn E3-time with all of you on social media as well, so be sure to follow us on Twitter @EXP4ALL¬†and let us know if you’d like a Follow-Back!

YouTube is yet another place where various gamer’s of all over share their thoughts and reactions regarding some of the most hype video game announcements and reveals. We’ll be continuing this trend as well as we take on E3 2017, and will ultimately be providing you all with various post-press conference coverage, from June 11th – 13th. In a format very similar to what you see from our “The Link” series, we’ll share our top 5 moments/announcements/reveals from every major Press Conference, as well as provide brief wrap-up thoughts on that given Press Conference. You can also expect to see many teaser trailers and reveal trailers that are shown off from the Press Conferences, to be available for re-watching on our channel, shortly after each Press Conference.


Ultimately, are stoked for this years E3 and can’t wait to be hard at work covering all of the gaming goodness that is surely to come out of the show. We’ll be talking a bit more about what we have in store for “EXP4ALL vs E3 2017” as well as official scheduling for our YouTube content as well as live-tweeting in the coming week. It’s going to be a hype E3, and we can’t wait to share the enjoyment with you!