Square Enix has been giving Nintendo some fine attention lately. With their plans to release Dragon Quest titles on both the 3DS, and NX announced last year, it’s no surprise to see Square Enix looking towards at the future of releasing even more of their titles on Nintendo platforms.

With that said, a rumor has recently surfaced the web from a YouTuber by the name of SuperMetalDave64¬†Who apparently has a decent, reasonable, track record when it comes to rumors. Apparently, the YouTuber has been told by an unnamed source that both Final Fantasy VII Remake and Final Fantasy XV are currently planned to release on the Nintendo NX at some point. Not only this, but according to this rumor, the NX versions of the titles are planned to be the “definitive” versions of each game.

It make sense, considering the past rumors have claimed the NX to be a much more power piece of hardware than the PS4, so it would be no surprise to see both titles to arrive on the NX at some point.

As usual, you should definitely take these rumors with a grain of salt. But it’s both really nice, and exciting to hear such hype regarding the NX’s hardware capabilities. Especially considering Nintendo’s track record of having the more “weaker” hardware when compared to Microsoft’s and Sony’s platforms.

Of course, we’ll follow these rumors until some proper closure is revealed. Until then, I suppose we’ll all just keep on wondering exactly WHAT the Nintendo NX is going to be.