I was eating dinner with my mother and younger sister when this announcement was made.  I had heard that there was a leak and that they would be announcing the remake during the Sony conference, but given Square Enix’s previous handling of this title I was honestly expecting another PS1 port to the PS4, so when they previewed World of Final Fantasy I was about to lose it.  Well I did lose it in the end as I nearly spewed my food across the table and received looks of concern as I watched the announcement.

If you’re not familiar with Final Fantasy VII, it is widely regarded as the most influential title in the series and as a monument in video game history in general.  Many say that it is overrated, and yes there are some problems I have with the game, and even though I personally consider that Final Fantasy VI to be the best game of the series, VII is without a doubt my favorite.  Final Fantasy VII was my first game in the series and I only began to play them in high school, so I’ll be honest in saying that I just jumped on the bandwagon and don’t know if I could imagine how waiting 20 years for this, or even 8-9 years for FFXV might feel.  However, I couldn’t stop smiling once they made that announcement.

I know that there has been some concerns about whether or not they should even remake it in the first place as there are many ways this could go wrong, and many say that they don’t care.  And that’s fine and perfectly legitimate; people can have their opinions, and they can continue to not care as they purchase the remake despite that fact.  Even if people have never played the original or even never played a Final Fantasy game at all, Final Fantasy VII has such a great presence and fame in the gaming world that people will inevitably buy it out of curiosity.


At the moment, the remake has only been announced for the PS4 as a limited time exclusive release, and will presumably be released to the Xbox One at the very least.


Below is the trailer: